Food Review: Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

If you've ever been on a holiday to Tokyo, you would probably have been acquainted with their ever-popular Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory biscuits. Their Salt & Camembert Cookies are great gifts to buy for friends, with their full milk flavour and subtle camembert cheese that complement just the right amount of salt.

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory have opened a branch in Singapore at Raffles City, and if you love their snacks and dessert, then there's no time to waste!

  • Location: Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory
    #B1-73, Raffles City,
    252 North Bridge Rd,
    Singapore 179103
  • Opening hours: Daily 11 am to 9.30 pm
  • Price: $8.50 for a Cow Cow Sundae

The Cow Cow Sundae

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory's Cow Cow Sundae is the best of both worlds - ice cream with their signature cookie (on the left) and milk cheesecake (on the right).

The Cow Cow Sundae is essentially Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory's soft serve ice cream with a slice of their Milk Cheesecake and a piece of their Salt & Camembert cookie. It represents better value among their desserts as a sampler - otherwise you'd have to buy a whole box of cookies at $26 or the whole cake for $29.50.

You can choose between the Hokkaido milk ice cream or Gouda & cream cheese ice cream. We went with the Hokkaido milk ice cream, and it was a real treat. If you've tried Hokkaido milk before, then you'll know what we're talking about.

The soft serve feels "full" - regular store bought milk would taste watery in comparison. It's also flavourful, with the pleasing scent you get from good butter. In fact, the ice cream tastes exactly like the Salt & Camembert cookie! Add to that the smoothness of the soft serve and you've got yourself a winner (provided you like milk).

The Milk cheesecake was a similar experience. It was deliciously milky too, with an added layer of taste from the cheese that they use. There's something about the cheese from Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory that feels refined. The taste might be strong, but it's never overwhelming, and you can barely smell the cheese.

The cheesecake was also served cold, with the texture of thick ice cream (like "frozen custard"). Because of this great texture, as you bite into the creamy cheesecake, it melts in your mouth and brings out the best feelings on your tongue.

The Salt & Camembert cookie is probably a known quantity at this stage, if any of your friends have ever gotten you gifts from Tokyo. It's a delightful balance of salty and creamy, with the same refined cheese flavour you get from Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory. With the crunch from the biscuit, it's a great snack.

I'm not sure how I feel about pairing these 3 items together. They all taste good together, but there's no special synergy. I guess the x-factor comes from all of these tasting creamy and cheesy, and the dessert is a great sampler. Then you can decide which entire cake or box of cookies to buy home, maybe.

Parting Thoughts

You can see Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory proudly display their cheese and various ingredients to the left, and our Cow Cow Sundae to the right.

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory is another one of those Japanese boutiques that sell refined and tasty snacks at a higher price. If the snacks are something you enjoy, it's nice to splurge on them once in a while.

Also, now you have one less gift option to buy back for friends after visiting Tokyo!

Do we enjoy the smart life with this? Yes, for the occasional dessert!

Who should eat this? Anyone who loves Hokkaido milk or cheesecake.

Who shouldn't eat this? Anyone who doesn't like creamy or milky snacks.