Food review: B Burger

We found an exciting new fast food joint recently - B Burger - but it's definitely not something to dismiss as yet another junk food franchise (there's only one outlet for now).

The vibe of the place was really pleasant - pop and rock music from the late 90s and the early 2000s. At some points, it even felt like a game of Rockband back in the day.

The food reminded us of the best of In-N-Out Burger in the US, but we'll delve into that later.

  • Location: B Burger
    Orchard Cineleisure
    #01-01/01A, 8 Grange Rd
    Singapore 239695
  • Opening hours: Daily 12 pm to 10 pm
  • Price: between $7 to $11 for a burger,
    around $3.50 for a side,
    $6.90 for a milkshake,
    around $6.00 for an ice cream

The B Supreme Burger ($9.90)

The B Supreme Burger in its full glory - look at the caramelised onions and melted aged cheddar!

The B Supreme Burger comes with a beef patty, sauteed mushrooms, aged cheddar and caramelised onions, topped off with truffle mayonnaise sauce.

Let's break it down here - your teeth first meet the fluffiest toasted buns. It's crispy at the edges but so soft in the centre. Then, you meet a surprisingly complex set of flavours. The aged cheddar and caramelised onions were oozing with umami.

The very tender beef patty, which wasn't dry in the slightest, complemented that and packed a good punch. The juicy sauteed mushrooms added a nice bounce to the texture and you just feel so happy.

It's comfort food like it's meant to be. Savoury and sweet, delicious, but not overwhelming nor too rich.

Even the serving tray at B Burger felt like In-N-Out.

It's like an upscale In-N-Out burger, but keeps to its fast food vibe. At no point does it taste or feel like a gourmet burger from a restaurant. But perhaps that's not the point.

What you're here for is to munch on burgers and feel satisfied. It's probably how Jughead feels when he indulges in Pop Tate's burgers. (Or how Spongebob feels with Krabby Patties).

The Nacho Soup ($3.50)

The Nacho Soup sounds weird, but it works. Well, kinda.

The Nacho Soup was the gamble of the night. It's an interesting proposition - corn soup converted into "Nacho" soup by adding nacho chips and a tiny bit of salsa sauce.

Well, it worked in a way. The soup was more creamy than it was corn, though it did contain corn. What we were left with was a soup that truly tasted like Nachos snacks - the kind you could eat from the theatre upstairs at Cineleisure.

Now, I personally love movie Nachos snacks, dipped in that truly artificial hot cheese sauce. And because the Nacho Soup was like that, I loved it. If that's not your jam, then maybe you wouldn't enjoy the soup quite so much.

The Smores Milkshake ($6.90)

The Smores Milkshake, topped off with flamed marshmallows and Graham cracker bits.

This dessert was the unexpected hit of the night. Many milkshakes can get too rich and cause you to feel full and bloated quickly. But the Smores Milkshake bucked the trend.

What is essentially a regular milkshake with some chocolate sauce and topped off with Graham crackers bits and "toasted" marshmallows, the Smores milkshake tasted like what it should be. It was creamy and chocolatey but in just the right amounts.

Sure, it was very sweet, but that's what milkshakes are supposed to be. The Graham cracker bits added a nice crunch. And the marshmallows, which were actually flamed with a blowtorch, were sufficiently heated to form a crispy crust, though not enough to create the sticky, gooey, soft, caramelised marshmallow core that you get from toasting marshmallows over a fire.

The milkshake on the whole was excellent, and definitely a dessert we'll come back for.

Parting Thoughts

B Burger surprised us with excellent comfort food they had available. Sure, it's an American diner-style of comfort, but comfort none-the-less. Coupled with the almost retro pop music from 15 years ago, it's an added layer of comfort in the environment. No wonder all those teenagers in American dramas enjoy hanging out at their diners so much.

If you're looking for gourmet food, you'll have to go elsewhere. But if you want straight-up tasty fast food that far surpasses the franchised junk food scene, you're at the right place.

Do we enjoy the smart life with this? Yes, if we're in the mood.

Who should eat here? Anyone who loves American fast food diners with good ol' 90s pop/rock

Who shouldn't eat here? Anyone who hates burgers or wants gourmet meals.