About Us

Hi, we're Shan and Philip, and we're here to share how we enjoy a smart life.

Enjoying the smart life means technology that works to make your living more enjoyable, cooking and eating food that delights the senses, home hacks that surprise us with their utility, and lifestyle experiences that create enduring memories.

The best part of embracing technology is exploring the endless possibilities where it's harnessed for improving our daily lives. You'll see our projects that make our lives smarter and more pleasant. We also love tinkering with gadgets. It's always fun to engage with novel and ingenious devices.

Smart living also means savouring the ritualistic activity we spend more than ten percent of our lives doing - eating. Food is always a joy when you understand the process that brought the produce to your plate. This also means creating your own culinary escapade.

Life is also enhanced when we make what we have work for us. We hope to share knowledge that can be utilised to improve your daily, domestic days. Life is to be enjoyed whether we're at home, or on the road. So join us on this journey of finding brilliance in life!

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