5 reasons why we love our typewriter

The Royal Litton 203 typewriter.

We recently sent our Royal Litton 203 typewriter for repair and servicing. After getting it back, we've had great fun using it.

Here're 5 reasons why we love our typewriter, originally written on the typewriter itself:

We wrote the entire article on the typewriter first.

1. It helps with focus.

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I need to text my friend", take your phone out, and 10 minutes later you've found out (through Instagram) that your childhood friend just got married, but you still haven't texted that friend? Maybe you even forgot what you wanted to do with your phone in the first place.

Or maybe at any one point of time, you have 20 tabs open in your internet browser. You're constantly switching between tabs, and you can barely complete a task.

Well, with a completely mechanical typewriter, it's much harder to get distracted. The psychomotor process involved in typing itself already fills up your subconscious desire to find something else to do.

Working the typewriter is the distraction itself. Your main focus continues to be writing, but you have less of an itch to do something else.

Anyway, it's not possible to surf the web or use Facebook on a typewriter.

Typing on a typewriter removes distraction, because it is the distraction.

2. You're forced to concentrate.

Typewriters can be harsh and unforgiving. Once you've made a mistake, there's no turning back.

You could use correction fluid to remove errors and re-type. But by and large, that's extremely tedious, and you'll want to concentrate and think hard about what you have to say, then type it.

If you're not writing on white paper (for example, if you're working on crafts or are using brown paper for artistic effect, like we are), then correction fluid wouldn't even be of use.

In addition to these, there's no spell check nor grammar check. You'll have to concentrate.

You have to concentrate on what you're writing when you use a typewriter.

3. The charm.

It's ironic, that in today's world of advanced technology, typewritten stuff simply looks great. There's a rustic, old-school charm to it.

Just typing on the typewriter makes you feel happy. There's almost a warmth about this mechanical marvel.

Plus, it brings a certain style and tone to the way we write. Because there's no delete and no turning back, we end up writing more in a stream of consciousness, regardless of our pre-planning of structure and content. Almost like poetry. Almost.

There's a certain warmth when you use a typewriter.

4. It's great for crafts.

How useful the typewriter is for crafts really depends on how creative you want to be. For starters, you could type on Instax/Polaroid photos (which already have an old-school charm to them) and add to the aesthetic.

You could make typewritten notes and letters for your friends.

You could type encouraging and motivational quotes on little notes to hang up at your work desk.

And these are just off the top of our heads. The sky's the limit if you can think it.

Let your creativity flow when using a typewriter.

5. It's just so much fun.

People these days (people, including us), spend good money getting mechanical keyboards that feel great when typing. They have the most satisfying tactile feel. The clickiness and clacking sounds are wonderful.

And here, we have the real deal, the original typewriters that have the best feel to them. The feedback, the sounds - it's just so much fun. Speaking of the sounds, the chime that rings when the typewriter is about to reach the end of the margins is so melodious.

You wouldn't do all your work on a typewriter. But when you do, it's just pure bliss.

We thoroughly enjoyed writing this article on the typewriter.

We hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as we had typing it. After all, it was a pleasurable experience.